Week 1: Gardening and Nature Walk In the garden campers harvest and sample produce and plant vegetables and flowers. They walk silently, like Native Americans, observing nature and then visit goats and chickens. Campers learn about the parts of a plant and their functions, photosynthesis, what plants need to grow, and why plants are important to us. Links to Resources.

Week 2: Pollination and Bugs Campers “pollinate” a model flower and learn about plant propagation and insect pollinators. They catch bugs and toads and examine their catch before releasing them back to nature. Links to Resources.

Week 3: Earth and Energy Campers collect earthworms for our worm farm. They learn about decomposers and the cycle of life. This lesson also covers fossils, fossil fuel, climate change and renewable energy. Links to Resources.

Week 4: Natural Water Campers wade in the Brandywine Creek and collect specimens in its waters and along its banks to view in a digital microscope. Links to Resources.

Week 5: Native American and Organic Gardening Campers follow our trail to a modern corn field and then compare our “Three Sisters” garden bed, planted in corn, beans and squash in the Native American manner. They learned about corn, other native plants and the advantages of organic gardening. Links to Resources.

Week 6: Closing Celebration Campers celebrate Planet Earth with a parade and parachute exercises, play Native American games and enjoy a feast featuring produce from the garden and other healthy treats, before bidding farewell to Camp Linden for the last time this season. Links to Resources.