Public Transit to the Ethical Society
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Vehicle Parking for Events at the Ethical Society

On Sunday there is free parking on certain streets near the Ethical Society, as specified on permits you can obtain in the Society’s office and place so visible through your front window.

However at other times, street parking around the Ethical Society is very difficult. You might find a space at a meter some blocks away, if you’re lucky and not in a rush.

There are many parking garages/lots around. Two offer a discount coupon for Ethical Society events (1845 Walnut Street and EZ Park at 2101 Chestnut).

Prices do vary, but as of November 2013, the prices for nearby parking facilities were as follows:.

  • Patriot Parking, 21st and Sansom Streets, Southwest corner
    Mon – Fri for ten hours if in by 10 am and out by 7 pm, $10
    Mon – Fri after 5 pm, $10
    Sat. or Sun. for up to sixteen hours, $11
  • Park America, 21st and Sansom Streets, Northwest corner
    Mon – Fri for ten hours if in by 10 am and out by 7 pm, $10
    Mon – Fri after 5 pm, $10
    Sat. or Sun. for up to ten hours, $10, $17 if over ten hours.
  • Close: Rittenhouse Garage, 20th and Walnut Streets, Southwest corner (Over Saxby’s restaurant) Entry just south of Walnut Street.
    $20 for 12 hours. (But check. They often have a special of $12 for any 8 hours–excluding overnight.)
  • Parkway open lot at 20th & Walnut Streets, Southeast corner
    Mon – Sat, in by 9 am and out by 6 pm, $15
    Mon – Wed after 5 pm, $15
    Thurs – Sat after 5 pm, $21
    Sunday all day, $16
  • EZ Park, Inc., 2101 Chestnut Street, 215-730-7538 or 215-733-0700.
    Garage is over the Mix restaurant at 21st and Chestnut Streets, Northwest corner (Entry on 21st Street)
    Mon – Fri, in by 10 am and out by 6 pm, $14
    Mon – Thur after 5 pm, $12
    Fri – Sat after 5 pm, $15
    Saturday all day, $21
    Sunday all day, $12
  • Parkway open lot on 21st Street next to EZ Park
    Pay by machine
    Mon – Fri, in by 8 am and out by 7 pm, $19, stay later for $22
    Mon – Wed after 5 pm, $8
    Thurs – Fri after 5 pm, $10
    Sat & Sun all day, $11
  • Least expensive but furthest away:
    Open lot at Sansom and 24th Streets

    Mon – Fri, in by 9 am and out by 7 pm, $11
    Mon – Fri after 6 pm, $5
    Sat & Sun all day, $7
  • Parkway Corp., 1845 Walnut Street, next to Barnes & Noble at 18th Street
    • Regular rates without EHSoP coupon are $17 for evenings Mon – Thurs; $21 for evenings Fri – Sun; and $26 for up to 12 hours during the day.
    • With EHSoP coupon which is a Chaser Coupon: $15 flat rate anytime for 6 hours. When you enter, take a parking ticket. At the exit gate insert parking ticket, then insert Chaser Coupon, then your credit card, and press button to get a receipt.
    • When you enter the Parkway garage, instead of taking a parking ticket, you have the option to insert your credit card. But then you can’t use the Chaser Coupon. You just insert your credit card when you leave and get no discount.
    • Groups that rent for an event at EHSoP can call the Garage and get a batch of Chaser Coupons that are time stamped for that date.
    • Contact: Garage office near the elevators, 215-972-6047. The manager, Ramona Mallory, may be there. If no answer, contact Ramona at her cell phone 215-416-7382 or