Summer Children’s Program

     The mission of the Children’s Summer Program at Camp Linden is to introduce inner-city children to the wonders of nature. We partner with community organizations which run day camps serving school-age children in low- income neighborhoods. Our partners bring the same group of children to Camp Linden on the same weekday for our  six week program.  Our 2021 Partners. Each day begins with a discussion of Camp Linden Values, and includes environmental education, a swimming lesson and recreational swimming.
     At Camp Linden children from crowded urban settings are exposed to the sights, sounds, and sensations of the great outdoors, and the living creatures inhabiting our wooded campus and creek.  This is beneficial in itself.  A growing body of research links the lack of nature in the lives of today’s children (“nature-deficit”) to disturbing trends, such as the rise in childhood obesity, attention disorders, and depression. See e.g. Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.

     The Camp Linden experience is not just a pleasant day in the country. The goal of our environmental education curriculum is to enable campers to achieve an age-appropriate understanding of the laws and processes of nature, which we believe are truly amazing, as well as an age-appropriate appreciation of the challenges facing our planet. We accomplish this through short lessons and related activities. We also provide our partners with a list of resources they can use to prepare campers for the subject matter of each week.  Link to Environmental Education Curriculum and Resources.

Camp Linden Pool


Our facilities include a 30 by 75 foot pool with separate bathrooms and dressing tents for boys and girls. Campers are given a swimming lesson and period of free swim each day.

Camp Linden Environmental Program

Environmental Program

Our environmental education curriculum, designed for children ages six through twelve, has a different theme and major activity each week.  It includes gardening, exploration of the natural world, as well as natural processes and environmental issues.  We also provide our partners with resources to use in the city to enhance the lessons at camp.

Camp Linden Garden


Our organic garden is planted in the Spring by volunteers for campers to harvest and taste.  Campers are also given an area of the garden to plant and cultivate during the summer.  One of our raised beds is planted with beans, corn and squash in keeping with the Native American method of agriculture.