Deed Before Creed

“Always seek to elicit the best in others, thus bringing out the best in yourself.”  Felix Adler, Founder of Ethical Culture

Members of the Philadelphia Ethical Society share a commitment to the inherent worth of every person, ethical relationships, and social justice.  We try to live our values in our daily personal interactions, in supporting for our Camp Linden summer children’s programming, and by engaging in social and political regional, national, and international issues through our Ethical Action Committee.

Major Ongoing Project of the Ethical Society: Camp Linden

We are deeply committed to our Camp Linden youth program, an outdoor education and recreation day camp for inner-city children. Volunteers help throughout the year with maintaining the camp. There are also opportunities for volunteering with the children during the summer program. More Info

Other Ethical Action Ongoing Activities Within the Philadelphia Ethical Society

Our Ethical Society has a standing wide-ranging committee, the Ethical Action Committee (the “EAC”). The EAC takes up economic, environmental, and other societal concerns, sometimes in partnership with other organizations having similar concerns. See the web page devoted to the EAC.

Also, because many members in our Ethical Society are especially concerned about ending racism, we have an Ending Racism Task Force (ERTF) devoted solely to that social issue. For more information about the ERTF, click here.

Learn About Current Ethical Actions in Our Ethical Society

Send e-mail to EAC Chairperson at or phone the Society at (215) 735-3456. Also, upcoming and recent ethical actions by the Philadelphia Ethical Society are often covered in the Society’s newsletter, Ethical Views.