For inquiries about hosting and planning a ceremony at our building, please contact our Administrator, Cheryl Desmond, or phone our office,215-735-3456.


For those interested in marking the important life passage of marriage, the Ethical Society has our Leader, Hugh Taft Morales, and Leader Emeritus, Richard Kiniry, who are available to preside and help you plan a personal and meaningful wedding ceremony. 

Ethical Humanist weddings are creative, respecting the individuality of each member of the couple, as well as the ethical commitment that is marriage. Shared values are the foundation of an Ethical Society wedding. We specialize in customized ceremonies for couples of different religious backgrounds and genders, and others who want a non-traditional, humanistic, spiritual ceremony. Ethical Society Leaders are authorized under the laws of most states to perform weddings.

Other ceremonies

Occasions marking other important life transitions, such as baby naming celebrations and memorial services, can also benefit from the services of our humanist Clergy Leaders.  Contact us to find out more.