Experiencing Community at the Philadelphia Ethical Society

Join us for an extended virtual coffee hour and—as we emerge (hopefully) from Covid isolation—share the highlights of the past 20 months with your best visuals. We’ll also play a few fun games. Join at www.tiny.cc/phillyethics

The Voices of Women

Hugh Taft-Morales Leader, Philadelphia Ethical Society Every month for the last year, Hugh read a book by a woman novelist. These writers offer compelling insights into their own external and interior lives and distinct perspectives on the wider world around them. Yet their work too often is marginalized in our still male-centric society. Come hear [...]

Tree of Knowledge Virtual Decoration and Celebration


Join Margaret Downey and Hugh Taft-Morales for our annual Tree of Knowledge event. This year we’re hosting Phill Zuckerman, whose books include What It Means to Be Moral, The Nonreligious, and Living the Secular Life. He is also executive director of Humanist Global Charity. Gary Stockdale, a two-time Emmy-nominated composer, songwriter, and singer, will perform. [...]

Introduction to Ethical Humanism

This month Hugh will explore Ethical Humanism through a Zoom tour of the American Ethical Union (AEU) website. The AEU is the federating organization of Ethical Culture responsible for training leaders, facilitating networking among Ethical Societies, and acting as the national face of our movement. Come find out more about our unique brand of humanism. [...]

Book Discussion: The Humanist Way by Ed Ericson


The final discussion of Ed Ericson’s book (Chapter 9, Afterward, and Appendix) will introduce some modern leaders, including Al Black, Matthew Ies Spetter, Judith Espenscheid, Don Montagna, Lois Kellerman, Michael Franch, and Judy Toth. We’ll also discuss Ericson’s 1967 testimony before the Armed Services Committee. Join Hugh on Zoom. If you’d prefer to participate in [...]

On Good Behavior (Winning and Losing)

Are there ethical ways to win and lose? Do adults engaged in high-stakes contests maintain the “good sport” habits we are taught growing up? How do victorious and defeated candidates and political partisans respond to the results of elections? Though the sports analogies that dominate our national culture are about competition, we must grow ever [...]

Dissent Gave Birth to the United States

Ralph Young Historian, Temple University In his research and teaching, Ralph Young has focused on the history of American dissent from the perspective of dissenters and protest movements. He will explain how dissent birthed the United States, was ensconced in the First Amendment to the Constitution, and became a defining characteristic of this nation. Young’s [...]

Winter Solstice – Virtual Celebration

Come celebrate the Winter Solstice with spoken word and music! This year we’ll feature Solstice celebrations from around the world and through history. Email Hugh if you would like to do a reading during the program. Join here online at the scheduled time.

Memorial Sunday

Hugh Taft-Morales Leader, Philadelphia Ethical Society Our Memorial Sunday program celebrates the gifts bestowed by those who have died. You are invited to present a brief remembrance about a family member, friend, or famous person whose life taught valuable lessons or enriched you or the world in other ways. Consider sharing an object that represents [...]

Introduction to Ethical Humanism

Be part of a small group conversation, led by Hugh Taft-Morales, about our Ethical Society community, history, and philosophy. This informal gathering is open to everyone. Join online HERE.