Book Discussion: Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

PA, United States

A novel about a village that quarantines itself during the 14th century Black Death might not sound obviously appealing after 18 months of pandemic. But Hugh Taft-Morales found in this 2001 international bestseller guidance for how we live today. RSVP to

Lunch with Leader Hugh – The Magic of Humanism: Growth Pt. 2

PA, United States

Come gather for an informal virtual lunch and conversation. Leader Hugh Taft-Morales hosts a discussion about the 300-word entries entitled “Growth” from The Magic of Humanism, written by James Croft, Leader of the Ethical Society of St. Louis. You can get a copy of this brochure here: or you can email Please join at

People and Planet Before Profit

Philadelphia Ethical Society 1906 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Nora Elmarzouky POWER, Climate Justice and Jobs Nora Elmarzouky, a Climate Justice organizer at POWER, will discuss POWER’s campaign to pressure elected state leaders to appoint Public Utility Commissioners who will represent people and the planet rather than profits for the fossil fuel industry. Join here online at the scheduled time.

Celebrating Courage

Hugh Taft-Morales Leader, Philadelphia Ethical Society Courage often is exemplified by acts of physical bravery. Other times it is described as the absence of fear. But courage, particularly moral courage, need not involve overcoming bodily risk and suffering. And as Mark Twain put it, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear--not absence of fear.” [...]

Introduction to Ethical Humanism

Join Hugh Taft-Morales for an introduction to Ethical Humanism. The informal session is particularly for newcomers, but all are welcome! This month Hugh discusses the connection between Ethical Culture and the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. Join at

Book Discussion: The Humanist Way by Ed Ericson

PA, United States

Hugh Taft-Morales continues his group exploration of The Humanist Way, by Ethical Culture Leader Ed Ericson. On October 4 we’ll focus on chapter 3, about the forerunners of humanism. On October 18 we’ll delve into chapter 4, which looks at the more modern expressions of humanism that developed within Ethical Culture societies. If you are [...]

On Good Behavior

Join Hugh Taft-Morales and members of Friends in the City (FiTC) for another series of “On Good Behavior.” On October 5 we’ll discuss “Being Wrong: The Virtues of Humility and Doubt.” On October 19 the topic is “Being Mortal,” with wisdom drawn from Atul Gawande’s book of the same name. Join at

Book Discussion: My Grandmother’s Hands

PA, United States

Members of the Baltimore and Philadelphia Ethical Societies are invited to join a five-session circle exploring My Grandmother's Hands, by psychotherapist and trauma specialist Resmaa Menakem. This book examines white supremacy in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology. Sarah Tielemans from the New York Ethical Society will host. Registration deadline is October 4 [...]

The Social Impact of Genetic Ancestry Testing

Philadelphia Ethical Society 1906 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Wendy Roth Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania An estimated 15% of all U.S. adults—approximately 30 million people—have taken genetic ancestry tests. Roth, author of Race Migrations: Latinos and the Cultural Transformation of Race, explains how such tests influence people’s perceptions of their ethnic and racial identities. Research demonstrates that people pick and choose new [...]

The Persistence of Ghosts

Hugh Taft-Morales Leader, Philadelphia Ethical Society From ancient Egypt to modern Halloween, humans have told stories about spirits that haunt our houses and fill our imaginations. Some, like Casper, are friendly and fun. Others threaten and terrorize. Why are ghosts so ubiquitous in culture? What purpose do they serve in our society and in our [...]