Book Discussion: The Humanist Way by Ed Ericson


Hugh Taft-Morales continues his group exploration of The Humanist Way, by Ethical Culture Leader Ed Ericson. On October 4 we’ll focus on chapter 3, about the forerunners of humanism. On October 18 we’ll delve into chapter 4, which looks at the more modern expressions of humanism that developed within Ethical Culture societies. If you are [...]

On Good Behavior

Join Hugh Taft-Morales and members of Friends in the City (FiTC) for another series of “On Good Behavior.” On October 5 we’ll discuss “Being Wrong: The Virtues of Humility and Doubt.” On October 19 the topic is “Being Mortal,” with wisdom drawn from Atul Gawande’s book of the same name. Join at

Book Discussion: Hottentot Venus


Join Hugh Taft-Morales for a discussion of Barbara Chase-Riboud’s novel Hottentot Venus. It’s the story of a resilient woman burdened by prejudices that follow her from a village in South Africa to a Europe that exoticizes and exploits her. As the Washington Post put it, Chase-Riboud “conjures the pain of some of the most sensitive and hurtful relations between [...]