Virtual Platform: The Fragility of Life

|Virtual Platform: The Fragility of Life
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Hugh Taft-Morales

Leader, Philadelphia Ethical Society

Opening our hearts and minds to the delicate beauty of the biosphere, the only known home for complex life in the universe, should engender great respect for nature. Instead, as David Wallace-Wells writes in The Uninhabitable Earth, human beings have activated “elements of climate chaos” that threaten our own existence. Now, with the world rocked by the coronavirus pandemic, the fragility of life is ever more apparent. We are in shock at how what we took for granted – our daily routines, work, cultural events, and the lives of loved ones – seem so easily dissolved. Hugh Taft-Morales explores how awareness of “the fragility of life” can help us become more inspired, grateful, and resilient.

The Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture (RYSEC) will host the virtual gathering on their ZOOM account. Email Hugh Taft-Morales at if you would like to receive the ZOOM invitation.