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Human beings are capable of empathizing with friends and dehumanizing enemies. How do we balance these two often-conflicting tendencies?  We often fall into “us-versus-them” thinking regarding those we label as enemies. Can we find a way to protect ourselves from real threats while also deescalating our own “fight or flight” reactions?  Can we, should we, empathize with our enemies? 

Come to a discussion organized by the Greater Philadelphia Thinking Society (GPTS) and the Philadelphia Ethical Society (PES). The format will be similar to previous joint events: short introductory presentations to frame the discussion, followed by small group discussions, and ending with a whole-group sharing of take-aways. Most of the time will be spent in small groups. Light refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Hugh Taft-Morales (PES) and Sandy Catz (GPTS) will be co-hosts.

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