Toward Creating a Livable Planet

|Toward Creating a Livable Planet
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Rabbi Julie Greenberg

Co-Chair, POWER Climate Justice

POWER’s Climate Justice work takes place at the intersection of race, economics, and climate toward the goal of building a human community free of racism and extreme inequality on a livable planet. Drawing on the organization’s multiple faith traditions, POWER has created a Moral Framework for Building the Climate-Just Beloved Community and is now taking a leadership role in aligning the local, regional and state green movement around commitments to both environment and equity. Julie Greenberg, Rabbi of the Leyv Ha-Ir – Heart of the City congregation will discuss POWER’s Climate Justice initiative and why it’s important to act now for a fair and livable planet. For more information please visit or contact

Rabbi Julie is the Co-Chair of POWER’s Climate Justice work and is a founding member of POWER’s Clergy Caucus. In addition to providing spiritual leadership for the Jewish community that shares the Ethical Society building, Julie teaches at a pre-eminent family therapy center, the Council for Relationships where she works psycho-spiritually to help people heal and grow.