Ring in 2019 with the Ellipses Ensemble

|Ring in 2019 with the Ellipses Ensemble
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Susanna Loewy and Gabriel Nathan

Ellipses Co-founders

The Ellipses Ensemble has its home at the Ethical Society. Through a series of public concerts in conjunction with original documentaries, the Ellipses Ensemble aims to increase awareness surrounding mental health. The Ellipses Ensemble was named as such to infer “There is more.” Concerts are curated according to that mantra, finding the intersection of music, storytelling, and mental health awareness. Together, music and documentary storytelling share the stage to produce interdisciplinary and culturally-relevant programs. (more information at www.ellipsesensemble.org). In this special program, Ellipses Ensemble co-founder Susanna Loewy will perform flute solos. She and co-founder Gabriel Nathan will also discuss the mission and goals of the ensemble.