Responding to Our Climate Emergency: Community Brainstorming

|Responding to Our Climate Emergency: Community Brainstorming
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What should our response be to science experts declaring that our climate is changing at an accelerated rate? While recycling and driving less are actions we can take as individuals, some believe that only radical systemic responses are worth considering. Around what systemic solutions should people of many backgrounds gather in order to foster substantive change?

This meeting builds upon Hugh Taft-Morales’s Sunday talks, “Racism, Peace, and Climate Justice” (9/22) and “Urgency and Radicalism” (10/20). POWER and Earth Quaker Action Team members have been invited to attend. We’ll also have a report from the Sept. 18 POWER event at Arch Street Methodist Church, You can’t talk about climate without talking about race. Come and join this important conversation. Begin crafting action plans for your and your communities!