POWER at the Intersection of Ethical Culture

|POWER at the Intersection of Ethical Culture
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Kate Esposito

Co-Chair, POWER Economic Dignity Team

Ethical Culture has a long tradition of social justice activism. Founder Felix Adler was involved in establishing free kindergartens, settlement houses, and visiting nurses in New York City. In these urgent times, how can we leverage our power to have maximum impact on important issues like poverty, racial injustice, educational disparity, and healthcare beyond attending rallies and marches? How does working with a theist social justice organization strengthen our voice and broaden our perspective?

Kate Esposito has been a member of PES since 1991 and presently serves on the Board. She chaired the Ethical Action Committee for several years and introduced the Ethical Society to POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower, and Rebuild). POWER’s Economic Dignity Team fights for a living wage, workers’ rights and ending poverty in Philadelphia, the country’s poorest large city.