From Nuclear Madness to a Green New Deal

|From Nuclear Madness to a Green New Deal
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The Rev. Robert Moore

Executive Director, Coalition for Peace Action (CFPA)

The Rev. Robert Moore will give an overview of the two existential threats to human survival: nuclear weapons and the climate crisis. He will explore the inter-relationship between those two issues, and will propose a solution. He will also include a description of CFPA’s intersectional No Wars, No Warming Campaign, and how that can be a model for synergistic collaboration to gain the transformative power necessary to mitigate these grave threats to survival. Ed Aguilar, CFPA’s PA Director, will join him for the Dialogue.

The Rev. Moore has served since 1981 as full-time Executive Director of the Princeton, NJ-based CFPA), a regional organization dedicated to global abolition of nuclear weapons, a peace economy, and a halt to weapons trafficking. From 1988-2016 he served as part-time Pastor of several Congregational churches in New Jersey. For 3 ½ years prior to his current positions, Rev. Moore was National Secretary of Mobilization for Survival, a nationwide coalition of some 250 organizations working for disarmament and the conversion of resources from military purposes to urgent human needs.