From Co-Victim of Homicide to Trauma-Informed Policing

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Altovise Love-Craighead

Inspector, Central Police Division, Philadelphia

Altovise Love-Craighead will discuss the impact of her brother’s murder on her and her family which allowed her to take a closer look at the law enforcement profession and how police engage those in crisis. She has been with the Philadelphia Police Department since 1994, and throughout her career has received many promotions and much recognition for her accomplishments. In 2002, Love-Craighead received an award for her efforts on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force from the United States Attorney’s Office. In October 2010 she was promoted to Lieutenant, ranking No.1 out of 195 candidates, and the first woman in Philadelphia Police Department history to rank No. 1 on any Lieutenant promotional list.

Currently an Inspector in the Central Police Division of the Philadelphia Police Office, she commands approximately 600 Police Officers and Supervisors. The Central Police Division is comprised of the entertainment area of the city which includes 158,000 residents as well as businesses and cultural institutions, including the Philadelphia Ethical Society.

Despite all her accomplishments, she was plagued by the tragedy of her brother, Emir’s murder in 1997 and found a way to help others who had lost loved ones to murder. In 1999 she helped found EMIR (Every Murder Is Real), now the EMIR Healing Center. In March 2009, Love-Craighead was selected to work with Deputy Commissioner Charlotte’s Council in The Office of Violence Prevention and Victim Services.