Ethical Lunch – On Good Behavior

|Ethical Lunch – On Good Behavior
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February’s Topic: Is Civility Always Good?

Come for a brown bag lunch discussion with Hugh Taft-Morales about this question: “Is Civility Always Good?” In today’s tempestuous times commentators bemoan the apparent loss of civility in social discourse. On TV, radio and on-line, sometimes it seems that people are competing to be rude. Discussion of “hot button issues,” like politics, religion, racism, and the #MeToo movement, often provoke mean-spirited shouting matches. Can we revive our respect for basic civility, both in the media and in our everyday interactions? Join Hugh Taft-Morales as he explores “civility.”

Future discussions include the following: March 18 – Enemies and Empathy; April 22 – Friendship; and, May 20 – Cultivating Gratitude.