Building a Peace Economy: Local, Green and Just

|Building a Peace Economy: Local, Green and Just
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Judith Wicks

Local self-reliance in food, water and energy not only reduces carbons by decreasing our reliance on long-distance supply chains, but it also helps prepare our communities for climate change while building the foundation for world peace.  With examples from her own life and business career, Judy Wicks shows how cooperation, sharing, and making economic decisions from a place of love are necessary to address the urgent challenges of our times.

In 1983 Judy Wicks founded Philadelphia’s iconic White Dog Cafe, a pioneer in the “farm to table” movement.  Working to build a sustainable regional food system, she founded Fair Food Philly in 2000.  In 2001 she founded the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and the nation-wide Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE). Judy’s 2013 memoir Good Morning, Beautiful Business won a national gold medal for business leadership and has been translated into Chinese and Korean.