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Deed Before Creed:
Ethical Action in the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia
Current Call for Support

  • DEMOCRACY SPRING: Sit-in with Thousands, Save Democracy for Millions!
    Endorsed by the American Ethical Union and over 80 other organizations
    This April in Washington, D.C., we will demand that Congress take immediate action to end the corruption of big money in our politics, and ensure free and fair elections in which every American has an equal voice. It will be one of the largest civil disobedience actions in a generation. The campaign will begin on Saturday, April 2, with a rally at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, followed by a march to Washington, D.C., where thousands will gather to reclaim the U.S. Capitol in a powerful, peaceful, and massive week of sit-ins that no one can ignore. Almost 2,000 people, including celebrities and respected public figures, have already pledged to risk arrest between April 11-16. Together we will open the door to reforms previously considered impossible, and reclaim our democracy. Join us! Details at

    How to Learn About Other Ethical Society Ethical Actions

    Send e-mail to Kate at or phone the Society at (215) 735-3456. Also, upcoming and recent ethical actions by the EHSOP are often covered in the Society's newsletter, Ethical Views.

    Major Ongoing Project of the Ethical Society: Camp Linden

    Camp Linden is an outdoor education and recreation program for inner-city children.
    Help throughout the year with maintaining the camp. There are opportunities for volunteering with the children during the summer. More Info

    Other Ongoing Projects

    • Buy and present personal dictionaries for public elementary school students from neighborhoodls in need of resources
    • Prepare and serve dinners once a month for Trinity Memorial Church's Men's Shelter (December through April)
    • Announce at Sunday service and provide copies of letters for 2-3 Amnesty International prisoners of conscience every other month for signing by Society members and attenders
    • Conduct special collections at many Sunday platforms for progressive and charitable organizations with principles aligned with Ethical Culture development
    • Monitor and make decisions about the Kiva loan account that the Society established several years ago.

    Recent Activities
    • Membership drive and advocacy for the Southern Poverty Law Center
    • Co-planning of Peace Day Philly
    • Host and co-sponsor of the Human Rights Day event
    • Marching in Philly Pride Parade

    Policy Statements
    • "The Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia supports the Occupy Movement in its quest for economic justice."

    The EHSoP's Ethical Action Committee (EAC)

    "The Ethical Action Committee's areas of responsibility include community outreach programs and fostering citizen involvement in social and political regional, national, and international issues -- not to include support of individual political candidates or political parties."

    Education Committee Members

    Kate Esposito

    Ron Coburn

    Temma Fishman

    Marta Guttenberg

    Hugh Taft-Morales

    For EAC meetings and other activities, contact chairperson via or (215) 735-3456.
    Joint Activities with Other Organizations

    (Note that our listing a group here does not mean we agree with everything that the listed group says or does.)

    • Call in our Sunday platform services for member and attender actions as suggested in our national organization, American Ethical Union's monthly Ethical Action Report.
    • Host in our building for meetings and work with Pennsylvanians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty to educate about abolishing the death penalty.
    • Host in our building for meetings and work with the Philadelphia area chapter of Amnesty International to free prisoners of conscience world-wide.
    • Conduct with the United Nations Association of Greater Philadelphia an annual celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Human Rights Day, December 10.