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Ethical Culture is a humanistic religious and educational movement inspired by the ideal that creating a more humane society is our prime undertaking. The task of this committee is to lay the groundwork for living according to that ideal.

Sunday Platforms


We offer Sunday morning platforms with various activities. The lecture is the centerpiece of it. The speakers we choose are engaged in work central to our current ethical concerns.

For instance, above are three speakers from our 2005-2006 season: At the lecturn, ex-policewoman Maria Sliwa describes her worldwide efforts against modern-day slavery; City Councilman Michael Nutter answers questions after his talk on ethics in city government; and Philosopher Gary Francione defends his views on animal rights.

These talks contribute to our understanding of the surrounding culture, addressing such topics as social justice, geopolitical events, as well as more personal issues such as how we 'position' ourselves in an often unethical, unjust world. They inspire us to think about how to work for change. There's also a wonderful musical presentation, and some singing, and an opportunity for a member to stand and talk about his/her ethical journey, or share personal concerns. Afterward there's the Coffee Hour, where we socialize, and then a period of time devoted to a discussing points raised by the speaker. These are especially enlightening, because they round off points which may have not been covered fully during the platform address.


We have various celebrations during the course of the year, including the Fall Equinox Celebration, a Humanist Thanksgiving, a Winter Solstice Celebration, and a Spring Equinox Celebration.


The other way we do it is through classes. Our Leader, Hugh Taft-Morales, offers excellent classes, listed separately. Please see our monthly calendar to keep abreast.

Education Committee Members

Betsy Lightbourn

Arnold Fishman

Pat McGeever

Sally Redlener

Bertha Waters

Jeffrey Dubb

Temma Fishman

Lyle Murley

Harry Thorn

Leonard Weeks

Hugh Taft-Morales

Marta Guttenberg

Henry Pashkow

Sharon Wallis

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