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Community Committee

Purpose: The Community Committee hosts the Ethical Society's Sunday platforms and coordinates the post-platform coffee hours; organizes annual social events and helps with spontaneous parties and dinners; keeps in touch members who are ill and not available to attend platforms; and generally works to build a humanist religious community.
Annual Social Events

(Events are held at the Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square, unless otherwise announced. Exact dates announced well in advance.)

  • Welcome Back Luncheon, to begin the new program year. First Sunday after Labor Day.

  • Humanist Thanksgiving Luncheon, with a special humanist orientation to this day of appreciation of life. Usually the Sunday before the Thursday Thanksgiving.

  • Party Before New Year, our deep winter gathering. Usually the Saturday between Christmas and New Year's Day.

  • Darwin Day Party, in celebration of Charles Darwin's great contributions to our understanding of life on Earth. Usually on a Saturday evening near Darwin's birthday, February 12.

  • Service Auction events -- dinners, outings, parties, etc. -- which members provide as fund-raisers for the Society. Starts in February, with events throughout the rest of the year.

  • Humanist Sedar, with a special humanist orientation to this celebration of freedom. On a Saturday evening near the Jewish celebration of Passover.

  • Founders' Day Luncheon, in tribute to the founders of the Ethical Humanist movement. Last Sunday in May.

Community Committee Members and Meetings
All Society members are members of the Community Committee. The chairperson is currently Nick Sanders. Meetings usually occur four times during a year, as called well in advance. However, event-related teams of members meet and coordinate about their respective events much more frequently.
Affiliated with the American Ethical Union

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