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Ethical Society of Philadelphia classes Ethical development is a lifelong process. To support this development the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia offers courses for adults and children which help participants enhance their sense of meaning and purpose in life and to improve the ethical quality of their relationships with family, friends, co-workers and the larger community.

We offer the following classes. If you are interested or need more information, call the Society Office at 215-735-3456.

Introduction to Ethical Humanism - A Focus on Social Justice
Sunday, March 5, 7:00 PM
Newcomers and visitors are encouraged to attend an Introduction to Ethical Humanism. PES member Christian Hayden and Leader Hugh Taft-Morales will host a discussion from 7:00-8:30 PM focusing a core value of our alternative to traditional religion that we share with many progressive groups and religions: the importance of building social justice. Come enjoy a relaxed 90 minutes with wine, cheese and conversation. Please RSVP to

Edmund Burke's Relevance to Today - A Discussion with H.G. Callaway
Monday, March 6, 7:00 PM
Since the presidential election of 2016 has torn up our map of U.S. political alignment, what can we learn from statesman and philosopher Edmund Burke (1730-1797)? Contemporary analysts turn to Burke for wisdom because he defies obvious political boxes - he advocated for the rights of the colonial subjects of the British Empire but harshly c o n d e m n e d F r e n c h revolutionaries. Liberals and cons er vat ives today both quote him, in part because of his clear critique of the excesses of politics and empire. He argued against swings to the left or right, advocating for both justice and continuity. Given today's chaotic political environment, what can we learn from Burke to guide us towards sensible public policy and civic community? Come hear scholar H.G. Callaway explore this, as well as comment on his new book, Edmund Burke, the Imperatives of Empire and the American Revolution (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016). Hugh Taft-Morales will lead a discussion with the author and moderate discussion with the audience. Free and open to the public. There will be a book signing at the end of the evening. The author will bring his newest works, as well as past works, all available for purchase.
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