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Lenape Native American Program

The Native American program was conducted by Ms Shelley DePaul, Assistant Chief and educator for the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania. The program introduced children to Lenape culture including a hands-on artifact display, Lenape games, crafts, songs and dance, as well as cultural information about the past and present of the Lenape in Pennsylvania.

The Lenape Nation (also know as the Delaware Indians) are the original inhabitants of the region including eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and part of New York State. Although most Lenape were forced to migrate and eventually settle on reservations in Oklahoma, the Pennsylvania Lenape Nation are the descendants of Lenape who stayed behind and hid their identity, practicing their culture in secret. They now have a tribal organization headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania to recover that culture.

Ms.DePaul teaches Lenape language classes, lectures on Lenape history and culture, and has developed a Lenape language curriculum for use in schools and universities. Ms.DePaul was also a co-curator of the exhibit at the University of Pennsylvania Museum from September 2008 to July 2010 entitled: “Fulfilling a Prophesy: the Past and Present of the Lenape in Pennsylvania”.

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